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Valve adjustment on a 94 Katana 600, hard?

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  • Valve adjustment on a 94 Katana 600, hard?

    Well, I was going to take a shot at adjusting the valves on my 94 Katana 600. I got the cover off, looked inside, and to my surprise, I couldn't figure it out, actually, no, that didn't surprise me. Are there special tools to doing this? I was going to just measure all of the valves to see if they even needed adjusting... Anyone have the clearances? I forgot to look those up before taking it apart, hehe. Also, are there any symptons that that needing the valves adjust would be noticeable? Basically I'm still trying to resolve issues from my previous post,
    I figure I would check the valve clearance while I'm waiting on my new coils to come.... Hopefully the coils wil fix it cause I think I'll leave this valve 'adjusting' to the pros.

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    If I recall correctly, '94 is a year that uses shims (shim-under-bucket) to adjust the valves. That means measuring the valves as per the method in the shop manual I recommended you get over in the other thread, then swapping some around if needed, and acquiring any ones you need to replace. The shims come in different widths.

    Good Luck!
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