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  • Inside my engine

    So I did my valve clearance and took some pics while I was at it. I am concerned about the lobes (not too concerned) because of the mild scratchings. Also I noticed the guy before me lost on of the gasket pins and just filled it up with silicone (bottom right). And the spark plug gaskets were also siliconed. Its amazing how you can figure out what people did before you.

    73000km is on the engine
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    1989 Suzuki Katana 750

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    My cam lobes are also a bit pitted, though somewhat less than yours... but 73 tkm is quite a lot, mine has 34 tkm's - if the meter is to be trusted, I don't trust anything anymore of the BS the PO said about how well it's been taken care of.

    I wasn't to worried about mine either, but I'm by no way an expert... Let them chime in.

    You might want to call the PO up to make sure he didn't lose the locating dowel into the engine.
    - Samuel

    My 1988 Katana 600


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      yeah it is possible for a machine shop to weld, reground and harden the cam lobes. The pitting really dosen't look all that bad. there is no heat discoloration. Check for flat spots, score marks or chipped area. If you have a micrometer, the cam lobe height should be:
      Standard -- 33.594 - 33.634 mm
      Minimum -- 33.300 mm

      Standard -- 32.882 - 32.922 mm
      Minimum -- 32.590 mm

      Thats the specs for the 89-95 750


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        Okay I'm bored so I'll list all the GSX-R lobe specs. By the way I was reading your profile, and I don't know how it works in Canada, but in the US the insurance goes by the frame # so if you put a bandit engine in there the insurnce will still be for a 750. Thats why it's best to take a 600 frame a slam a gisxxer 1127 in there, the insurance cost will be based on a 600. Any way:

        85 -87(UK)
        Standard -- 33.563 - 33.603
        Minimum -- 33.207

        86 - 87(US)
        Standard -- 33.594 - 33.634
        Minimum -- 33.300

        88 - 89
        Standard -- 33.878 - 33.918
        Minimum -- 33.580

        Standard -- 33.876 - 33.936
        Minimum -- 33.580

        91 - 92
        Standard -- 33.896 - 33.944
        Minimum -- 33.600

        86 - 87(US)
        Standard -- 32.882 - 32.992
        Minimum -- 32.590

        85 - 87(UK)
        Standard -- 33.146 - 33.186
        Minimum -- 32.850

        Standard -- 33.533 - 33.573
        Minimum -- 33.240

        Standard -- 33.604 - 33.664
        Minimum -- 33.310

        Standard -- 32.872 - 32.932
        Minimum -- 32.580

        91 - 92
        Standard -- 32.906 - 32.954
        Minimum -- 32.610


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          That cam pitting happened either from sitting unused for a very very long period of time, or far more likely, from using an oil high in sulfated ash content and parking somewhere where it got condensation frequently (sulfated ash + condensation can form sulfuric acid, which attacks the metals; the valve action at the spot works away the then-weakened-metals).

          When Keith is up and about, I would think you could always get another set of cams from him. My concerns would be that the bearings (both cam bearings and main journal bearings) are probably similarly pitted.

          =-= The CyberPoet
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            That would save a lot of insurance dollars eh? Somewhere in the range of $7000-$8000 a year.
            Im not going to repair much of the engine parts, the guy who had the bike before me didn't really take care of it. It would just cost me additional moneys. Repair one thing, then another and by then end of it I will have to rebuild the engine.

            By the way, how much would used cams go for? with the bearings and such. I think the bearings are a bit worn down because when I turning the engine over when doing the valve clearance it was pretty stiff at times. (not sure how stiff is too stiff)
            1989 Suzuki Katana 750