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Picked iup 88 kat in november for 450

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  • Picked iup 88 kat in november for 450

    1988 gsx600f Bike pictured in avatar.

    Put about a grand in to get it happy. (not counting $$$ for title flip fees reg etc)

    Stoked. This is my 3rd bike and absolute favorite to ride. First was a Kawasaki klr250 then 85 Suzuki gs700e (still have this)

    Upgraded to 2009 rear shock off eBay which raised the rear a bit and is a little stiff for my weight even at the lowest setting. Even w/ that it still runs and rides great.

    Happy to barn find this and resurrect it.

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    Welcome to KR!

    Are you planning to put the stock plastics back on it?


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      What bike was the shock from?
      1998 Katana 750
      1992 Katana 1100
      2006 Ninja 250

      2006 Katana 600 RIP - 130k miles


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        rear shock from 2009 Suzuki GSX650f
        i chopped the rear plastics just a bit and put them on as well as the under carriage plastic. both sprayed w/ truck bed coating and then never wet. which is why it is black with blue frosted look. i have the rest of the plastics (not in creat condition) if i were to use those i'd chop them too and paint / never wet frost as well. it wouldn't fit as is with the round headlight, i ditched the whole headlight mount but took the gauges and just put them on top of the forks between the handles.