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Slip on exhaust options

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  • Slip on exhaust options

    I have a couple 91, 600's and have an opportunity to buy an "Arrow Carbon Fiber Slip-On 08-09 gsxr 750". Would I be looking at doing much messing around with oilpans etc to get it to fit or is it even worth it?

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    Yes, you'd be doing a TON to make it fit. Weather it's worth it depends on how easy it is for you to fab metal parts. Are you mechanically inclined? That makes a huge difference. There are hundreds of better options than making a random GSXR slip-on fit. In my opinion, that is not a good option.


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      I made a Yamaha R1 Devil slip on fit my pre. It took some effort and welding know how to do it.. It is always possible but, not always cost effective.
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        I am pretty mechanically inclined and weld etc but do not want to put any more time in than neccessary (meaning bolt on should be bolt on) Any good recommendations for a decent bolt on aftermarket for my kat? Thanks by the way, buddy was pressing pretty hard, think he needed cash.


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          Pre kat I'd suggest a full system swap to get some decent headers 4-1 setup. Then there are a few full system options, V&H SS2R system comes to mind as one option.

          Alternatively you can find some used headers for any gsx engine (used in early GSXR, many bandits, and kats... ) for a header, and then utilize mix and match up options for newer slip on cans. Biggest things to look at there would be mounting point being adjustable for the can (the ring around the can mount is a good option for that) and matching the ID/OD for the midpipe.

          An example is my wife's bike currently has a V&H SS header, SS24 midpipe, Micron exhaust can from a R6. Minor mod for that was to add a spacer to mate up the 2" midpipe to the 2 1/4" micron ID. Used a simple strip of 16 gauge stainless steel as a spacer between them. Worked perfectly.

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