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Carb problems!

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  • Carb problems!

    The diaphragm on my slide in one of my carbs on my '91 1100 kat has pin sized wholes through it and isn't allowing enough vacuum for the slide to rise properly. The diaphragm isn't removable so I need to buy a slide and all. A new one from Suzuki is as much as just buying a whole new carb. Any advice? Anybody?

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    Ebay really helped me out when I needed new manifolds. Just wait till YOUR PARTICULAR part comes up and get it. A new ONE manifold from Suzuki was like $45, I got all four manifolds, although older, for about $38. They are perfect.


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      For a temp fix until you can find a replacement, try rubbing some permatex form-a-gasket into the holes. Use the kind that resists fuel. (Type 1 IIRC)
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        You can try my hillbilly fix: Take a latex dishwashing glove and cut a few tiny pieces off. Use rubber cement to glue them over both sides of the holes. I got a POS Kawasaki KZ440 running doing that to both diaphrams, worked great. The latex will flex too with the diaphram.

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          Another thing that I have done in the past is used "plastic dip" to cover the pin holes. It's resistant to almost anything and works great for it. You can buy it from Wal-Mart, it's the stuff you use to cover tool handles and such with a plastic coating.


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            Can you not just replace the stinking diaphragm? Seems retarded to me that you have to replace the whole slide....
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