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Carbs Driving Me Crazy!!!!!

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  • Carbs Driving Me Crazy!!!!!

    I have a 02 Katana 600 with full D&D exhaust with stock air box and air filter. I took the carbs off and cleaned them. Changed main jets because the bike didn't run right.

    The bike runs great from 5000 RPM to redline. Idles good as well but on throttle from 2000 to 5000 RPM it runs like its bogged down. As soon as it hits 5000 though its a rocket.

    I have a factory pro jet kit. I have the floats at 14mm per instructions. I have the A/F mixture at 3 turns out. Have it synced using sync tool.

    I have tried to play with the A/F mixture but 3 out seems to be where it is the happiest for idle. Would float height be the problem even though factory pro says to move it to 14. Should I move it to stock 13mm or am I having another problem?

    I have worked on this project for way to long and am starting to get very frustrated. I feel like I am never gonna get it to run right. Any help and input is much appreciated. Thank you

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    Question #1, how did you clean them?

    All you want to know is right here ~


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      Where are the needles set to?
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        Sounds like needle adjustment is required


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          Needle clip is third from top. Soaked carbs over night in carb cleaner then went through with compressed air.


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            It's rich, I'm 100% sure. Set the e-clip in the 2nd grove from the top, use 117.5 out and 115 in main jets, set the A/F screws at 2.5 turns out, and leave the floats at 14mm. If it doesn't run great with that jetting, you didn't clean the carbs as thoroughly as you think. That is the issue, I'm not guessing. I've done this, numerous times.