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Valve Adjustment Question

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  • Valve Adjustment Question

    Hi everybody, I'm prepping to do a valve adjustment and I was wondering what all I would need for this. What gaskets and tools should I have before I start?The local shop sucks so I'll probably ron ayers the materials and just wait a week or so until I do it.

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    I wouldnt use a new gasket unless it is hard and brittle.
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      this should help, page 3 is where it starts. the valve adjustment tool isn't necessary, but it will make life easier and it's cheap. might be a good time for new plugs (NGK) and a valve cover gasket if you've got some miles on it.


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        Just did mine a few days ago ... Get a manual , torque wrench if you don't already have one , feeler gauges (duh) , some RTV gasket maker or similar for the gasket , that's all I can think of besides the normal tools you'll need to get TO the vales (wrenches , screwdrivers and stuff ...) .
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