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  • Cheapest Carb Kit

    Browsing though fleabay and amazon what is the best carb repair kit for a 99 Kat? I see a 18-5061 and 18-5082 that look similar. So far the cheapest seems to be a set of 4 kits for $26 on fleabay. For older kats fleabay has kits for $2.50 - amazingly cheap.

    The rubber Tees that connect the vent tubes are also cracking - any good source for them? (probably not)

    I fabricated a replacement vent tee based on a 1/8 nylon tee with short pieces of rubber hose as gaskets. They should have thrown in a pair of new tees with the carb kit.

    Just in case anybody needs it - the kit for four carbs for a 2nd gen Kat is now on fleabay (seller damineding) for $19.77. The guy has been slammed with 28 orders
    I'm one of them. Get em while they last!

    Update: Kit is installed in all 4 carbs. 2 extra o-rings in each kit I don't know what for. Otherwise parts fit well and probably any old bike would benefit.
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