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GSXF600 swing arm extension

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  • GSXF600 swing arm extension

    Hey I'm looking at getting a 1992 GSXF600 in two days and I am already trying to make plans for it cause stock just never works for me and i have already desided on fitting a 2007 GSXR750 Hotbodies slash cut megaphone, and some body work to make the bike look cleaner with eliminating the stock turn single and molding flush mounts on, i have good fab skills and well i was wondering if anyone has extended a 1992 katana swing arm at all and if so i was wondering what it would look like before i start hacking on the stock swing arm and if you have done it where did you make your main cut and how did you cut the rest for extra straingth and support, also is the swing arm steel, or aluminum either way i can weld both just trying to plan ahead.... hope to hear some good things on this... aslo if you extended the swing arm what other mods did you have to do to make this work, any brake positions that you have to do or make or anything but the obvious on getting a longer chain.

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    Longer chain, longer rear brake line, consider what/how your going to modify the brake arm (longer arm, move the arm mounting point on the swinger).

    Swinger is made of steel.

    Longer swinger will mean more leverage on the stock rear shock. This means it won't be stiff enough for it, and could cause issues with the rear tire catching the tail / tag if the tallest point of the tire lines up with the end of the bikes tail section. Also expect that to decrease the shocks performance in general.

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