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Tail light swap?

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  • Tail light swap?

    Was wondering if anyone has done a taillight swap on a pre 750?
    The taillight on a pre 750 just looks too boxy and bulky and I have seen
    some pre 600 with a much nicer and flush mount rear tail light.

    If anyone has done or knows if this would work (I suppose by changing
    to the 600 rear fairing as well) please let me know.

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    and a 600 frame also.


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      Originally posted by arsenic View Post
      and a 600 frame also.
      here... take a look at what Chris is talking about- i took pics...


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        thanks, that has really helped.


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          Yeah, not much you can do there... Have you chopped your shovel and replaced the stock turn signals yet? Might help a little.
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            The frame isn't much different, nothing a little welding and drilling can't do. But probably you will need the tail holder (don't know the exact name of the bolt on "frame", sorry) of 600. I think it's quite doable with some modifications.

            EDIT: Oh crap, I totally missed the "light" part of the topic... thought about tail swap.
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