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Long Term Projects This is place to post up your long term projects. Projects that took you a while to get done. Post them here. Examples like kwebbel's build up , B-12 engine swaps, swing arm swaps etc..would go here.

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Kat King
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Default Kreylyn's Build

So I have been posting updates and info on various threads, and thought I would put up a general "start to finish" thread to keep track of everything. I'll probably still keep doing specific threads with super detailed walkthrus and pics of some of the different projects.

First, the basic history...

I bought the bike new in 93, 750 Cali model, blue with the green graphics. This is not my bike, but it is what it looked like new.

First bike, learned to ride.. and what not to do. Needless to say over the years it's been a rough life. Now it's time to put it back into good shape, and make some personal improvements to the bike.

Overall I love the bike. Everytime I thought about getting a new one, I always find more reasons to keep it. There were just a few things that I never have really liked about it though, so I decided last year to just change them, and make it the bike I want. For the changes, some performance, some asthetic, and some just... cause.

What I started with last summer.

Mostly stock at this point except for paint. The front main fairings were swapped out to black at one point, and then I painted them blue. That is the reason for the black triangle on the tail pieces. 4-2 exhaust with ninja 600 cans welded on, flush mount turn signals mounted to the fairings, front fairings were rattle canned true blue. Rear fairings on the "to replace" list, so no paint for them yet. Front wheel white, rear wheel gold. K&N filters still on it from when I had the stage 3 jet kit. Removed the stage 3, and went back stock on the carbs. Rusty, dirty, scratched up, and overall looking like the hard life it's had.

I picked up a 90 Kat 600 parts bike that was mostly complete. It had a lost title (verified not stolen) and decided it would be a good donner when needed.

So the first thing I wanted to change was the rear rim. I have always disliked the narrow rear tire. I wanted to run a 5.5+ rim with at least a 180 tire. I purchased a 90-91 model 750 set of GSXR complete wheels to go in it. After looking it over, I decided to only use the rear wheel and modified the swingarm and brake arm to fit it. The 600 kat donor bike had polished wheels, so I used the front wheel for it as well. You can see the details on that here... http://katriders.com/vb/showthread.php?t=93142

Part of that process required me to swap out the exhaust, as the duals would hit the swingarm (at least I thought they would) so I swapped over to the donar 600's bike exhaust. It had a 4-1 V&H exhaust. I'm using it temporarily until I get the final exhaust configuration I want. More about that later.

So here is the final pic of how that looked.

Getting better, but stil not quite what I want. So, next major project was the tail section. Needed new platics anyways, and I think the 600 tail section looks sportier. I decided to swap it out. You can see the detailed thread here on that... http://katriders.com/vb/showthread.php?t=94144

So I ended up with this multi colored contraption for a while.

Around this time I installed an all new set of Vortex sprockets and a 520 RK x-ring chain. To line those up, I changed up the chain adjusters to be flush mounted. Really disliked that long bolt sticking out the end of the swingarm.

I left it that way for a bit. I knew I still needed to some minor fit tweaking for the rear seat. I also wanted to make sure things were going to work well before going any further. You may notice I am missing rear turn signals at that time as well. Need to get some new ones.

Well, after a few weeks it was pretty clear things were working well. I decided it was time to finish up the fitment of the rear seat, and some other odds and ends.

I adjusted the seat, added rear turn signals to the custom flush mounted tag holder, painted the rear panels, and the top of the tail light to match the rest of the bike. Colored the seats to be black getting rid of that horrible purple. I also put on a new front fender I had cut down to make it look a little more sporty/agressive looking. That was always another dislike... the front fender looked like it was overly fat. So we get to the point of the bike looking like this.

Next step in it's evolution was to add in a painted undertail to match the rest of the paint.


Here you can see the undertail and the turn signals a little better for the tail. I also buffed the paint a little. It still has imperfections, but its alot better looking now. Adjusted the rear wheel, adjusted the rear peg angles a little, lubed the chain. Needs a bath atm, but that will come.

So what's coming next?...

I just ordered from Factory Pro a stage 1 jet kit, ignition advancer +5%, and a shift spring. I'll be installing those, and at that time putting a stock air box and filter back on the bike. That will be the immediate work coming up in the next week or so.

After that, I'll be looking for a post 98 750 Kat exhaust header and oil pan swap. I will be doing an under engine exhaust system with that. The plan is to open from the collector into an expansion chamber canister under the bike that is baffled, then from that into a shorty muffler like the GYTR 06 R6 can. This should all fit under the bike prior to the centerstand, and be nearly as quiet as a stock system if we work it right. At least, that is the goal. I want it quiet, I like "stealth" mods.

Once the exhuast mod is done, I can finish my tail section mod. I want to change the sub frame support rails. I'll be hiding them under the tail plastic instead of them coming down so drasticly. I expect that will open up the area under the tail a bit giving a sportier look. In that process, I'll be redoing the undertail to be flush with the bottom of the tail platics. I'll also probably be cutting the side plastics a bit to follow the curvature of the tail instead of following the triangular line they have now.

I'm also in the process now of working on a gas tank to replace the one on it. There are a couple of dents, and a pin hole that was patched under the one on the bike. The new one will be treated with Por-15 on the inside, and have a rebuilt petcock. I have already go the petcock done, just waiting on getting time to finish the rest of the tank.

I'm also looking at integrated mirror/turn signals. I picked up a cheap set, not sure I like them. Might go ahead and swap to the GSXR mirrors.

Some other changes to the main fairings to make things a little more smooth, like a bit of a mesh mod here and there or vents on some of the "air intake" fairing holes.

I've been comtemplating swapping in a 98+ headlight. I like the looks of them, but dont' like the fairings. I think I could get it to work.

I still have plans on an adjustable windsheild of some sort.

I'll be doing an integrated tail light/tag light. Already have the lexan for that, just getting around to it. Might do some kind of turn signal integration as well.

Custom solo cowl is in the works as well. I want to make one that will go over top of the rear seat with the tail grab bar, and the primary latching system would be hooked on the back, and locked in place using the front seat. This way to remove I just pop the front seat and pick it up for quick removal.

Also want to do some kind of tire hugger once the tail mods are done.

New bar ends and bars are needed. I really liked Cherif's work... just can't afford to purchase everything at once so I have to prioritize. Soon though, if they are still available.

I hope to have most of these major mods done by winter this year. Once Dec hits, I will want to tear the bike down to the frame, and start a full paint with powder coat and a good pro paint job on the plastics, instead of rattle can. Need to have the mods finished before then.

I have also been playing with getting a home aluminum anodizing process going. When I do, I'll probably make lots of aluminum parts on the bike blue! Like the engine coveres and stuff.

That is, if I don't go ahead and swap in a B12 engine or something. Not decided on that yet. If I do, I'll end up tearing it down, and doing an anodize on all the parts, build it, and put it back together with stainless bolts.

That would would look pretty sweet I think.

Anyways, there is my work load past, present, and future... all in one place. At least now you guys have some idea what I'm going for.

93 750 Kat

Modified Swingarm, 5.5 GSXR Rear with 180/55 and 520 Chain, 750 to 600 Tail conversion, more to come. Long Term Project build thread http://katriders.com/vb/showthread.php?t=96736

"I've done this a thousand times before. What could possibly go wron.... Ooops!"

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September 08 KOTM


looks good, i did the same tail mod myself
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Looking Great!
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my kinda build, keep us updated.
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Kat King
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Sorry, no pics with this update.... but good news for me...

I recieved and installed the stage 1 jet kit a while back. At the same time, I was able to swap over back to running the factory air box and filter. Great performance improvement. Only problem.... I could not tune out a nasty hesitation at the 4-5.5K rpm range, and it still took 4.5 turns out on the Air/fuel screws for the bike to idle. Any cruising around, that's the rpm range I was in, and it just became unbareable.... so...

I removed the carbs, and did a full tear down on them. Found some pieces missing (mostly o-rings), pilot air jets had been modified (think that was done when I had the stage 3 installed), emulsion tubes very worn... it was time to rebuild them entirely.

Ended up replacing with new all of the following parts...

Emulsion tubes
fuel pilot jets
Air pilot jets
Almost every piece of rubber (o-ring under slide guide, both on the floats, top vacuum port, pilot jet plug, bowl gasket. Only rubber not replaced was the slide diaphrams... )
Made an insert to replace the missing insert on carb 4 slide.

All pods were torn down completely, dipped for a full 24 hours, and then further cleaned with carb cleaner spray and compressed air.

Put them all back together, used 112.5 main jets for 2 and 3, 110 main jets for 1 and 4, visually synced em... set the air/fuel screws at 2.5 turns, and re-installed. Cranked it up, took off down the road.

My bike now runs better than ever, smooth over all RPMs, and idles correctly. Finally removed all traces of the stage 3 instal from years ago...

Still need to follow up with some final tuning and a sync, but... I'm very pleased.

Maybe now I can start looking towards my other mods again.

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Kat Legend
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That's looking good .. lookiing forward to the updates ....

The people who think they know everything always mess it up for those of us who do .....

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nice job cant wait to see it finished
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Wow! I really want to do that front fender chop-down mod! It kind of looks like the old FZR front fenders, much more sleek and mean than the katana's 'cover top half of the wheel' design. It also looks like you chopped that silver triangle part at the bottom of the rear fairings too, the part that goes behind the pegs and looks a little weird. Thanks much for some ideas man!
Cover me, I'm Changing Lanes!

"Fear not death, for the sooner we die the longer we shall be immortal."

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Nice build!
I wish mine looked like that

1994 GSX750F Katana with:

Michelin Pilot Road 2's, 120/70, 150/70,
Race Tech 1.0kg springs with 25mm preload,
R6 rear shock w/14.3kg Eibach spring,
1" Soupys bar risers, Zero Gravity windshield,
RK GXW Gold Chain, My own fender eliminator,
3BBB turn signal mirrors,
Black painted seat and rear trim,
Nelson-Rigg CL-135, CL-150, CL-950.

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