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I also suggest buying a $20 outflow battery power charger to keep your battery power lead off over winter months season if you're not driving it. Up northern here, we get a strong 6 months of winter weather.
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Spring time

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Default Piece of advice

I am in the process of getting my 98 Kat to start and I did so. First I would make sure that the battery has enough power and that I can hold a charge. The battery I had would never hold a charge for long and would not have enough juice to turn the bike over. DO NOT JUMP YOUR BIKE WITH YOUR CAR. It will screw up your bike and can fry stuff. Get a slow charger and a new battery. DO not make the same mistake I did. Make sure to charge your battery with the terminals open and then cap them.

Next I will check if you are getting spark from each spark plug. If one is not sparking, I would recommend to change all 4. Spark plugs are cheap.

Next I will do an Oil change.

Make sure that the hoses that are connected to your engine are plugged. They are located on the top left and right under your gas tank.

Also make sure the petcock vacuum line is covered and connected to the very last port (4) on your carbs...

If none of these helps you.. Now it is time to move onto your carbs. Best you follow carbs 101 if its an older Kat like mine. Very detailed. Also make sure to look at your bikes manual. Follow along and make sure you separate your pieces into 4 different containers. This will insure you from mix matching things. BE CAREFUL when you pull out the get needle. There is a tiny E ring. I lost mine when I pulled it off. ALso make sure you are using good tools when working on your carbs. You do not want to strip screws so use Snapon. IF not, really good craftsmen tools and to use the biggest screw driver possible. DO not use harbor freight tools on an operation like this because carb screws are important. Check and make sure the jets are clear, float bowls have no rust, and that your butterflys are slightly cracked open. Watch carbs 102, the gentleman takes apart the whole carb for you as a great reference.
MAke sure that your idle screw is in the right possession and that your throttle springs do not have great play.

Now if this does not help, you could have a blown out head gasket.

Hope this helps!
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