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Skid Mark
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Default GSX650f vs Katana 750. Who's ridden both?

As someone who is seriously considering buying one of these bikes, i would love to hear some real world comparisons/opinions of these two. How does the ride compare? How about how they carry their weight. Wind protection? Power? Braking etc. obviously trying them for myself would be the best way to find these things out. However being mid Feb with about 6 plus feet of snow, I'm just gonna have to wait a couple more months. lol
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I've recently been on both. An 08 650 and an 02 750. Both were stock, but i dont know thier sevice histories so that could have played a factor in my riding experience. The 650 is a little smaler feeling. It sits lower and seems over all smaller. I found it a little easier to throw into a corner than the 750, but I felt more confident in the corners on the 750. That could have been due tires or suspension wear though. The 750 was slightly more comfortable for me, but there wasn't enough of a difference that it would be much of a deciding factor. I think it was due to the fact that i'm 6'4" and the kat sits a little higher. The 750's susspension felt a little softer over bumps, but again that could be due to the age. I honestly didn't really pay attention to the wind protection on them, but considering nothing stood out, I will assume they are about the same. Both bikes seemed to have good brakes, but the 650 did much better with hard braking. The 650 did better with fuel consumption. I got about 30mpg on the kat and about 45 on the 650, but that is expected with the engine size difference and fuel injection on the 650. Now to the power. This is where I was actually quite suprised, but it was most likely due to poor maintenance. The 650 seemed to accelorate much quicker. The 750 wasn't at all slow, but it felt like it was lacking a little power for the size. The 650 made me feel like I was on a sport bike, not a tourer. As a side note, I've been riding around on my friend's 02 600 Kat and it's tons of fun as well, but both the 650 and 750 would blow it out of the water in a race. In the end my oppinion is quite bias, I would still take the 600 kat over both, but I think it's because I've grown very attached to the one I've been riding around lately.
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Skid Mark
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Right on, thanks for sharing that. Kind of confirms some of the things I was thinking. I'm still not sure which one I want, but I still have lots of time to make up my mind. On a side note a local dealer has an 08 in stock, with 1400 km for $4500. I might be checking that one out in person.
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If you like it, I bet you could talk him down to $4000 or less. It's a 6 year old bike that was only $7000-$8000 when it was new. Yes it's low km's, but just something to think about. Also remember, if there is anything aftermarket on the bike, the value goes down. The dealer will try to talk it up and say it's so much nicer with (insert part) on there, but bottom line is if it's not factory and not a custom built bike, the value drops.
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The 650 is newer, and has fuel injection. The down side is that they weren't very popular so I'm not sure how hard it is to find parts for them.
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That sounds like a great deal on the 650. What dealer is it? I currently ride a 750 Katana and used to have a 600 Bandit. The 650f seems liked an updated version of both. I'm 90% sure that will be my next bike.
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I've ridden both but I tend to buy more 600's than 750. Probably because people keep them lol.
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Knee Dragger
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If the 750 seemed sluggish it was Definetly a maintenance issue imo
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Knee Dragger
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750 engine has been around since late 70's, most if not all the issues you can encounter with that engine has probably been delt and easily resolved. They are rock solid engines and easy to work on.
Newer FI 650 may have less maintenance issues, not as much resources to support when issues co e up.

If 750 is working properly and ridden responsibly, performance and fuel econ shouldn't be any worse than a 650. Weight and feel of the difference between the two is something that you have toexperience personally to tell your preference.

If you ride mostly in busy traffic, lighter feel would be ideal to maneuver among tight spaces.
If you ride more in the open twisties or highways, more weight present a more solid feel, less nervous in handling.

Likelyhood to find a 750 at lower price than a 650 is higher, I'd just jump on one if the price is right.. oh and I did.

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I have not ridden both, and frankly I think the 650 is the answer to a question no one was asking... Suzuki was/is already selling a TON of SV650's. I don't understand why they threw a fairing on the bandit and tried to sell a 650 I-4 that competes with their own wildly popular 650 twin.

But I have to believe that the GSX 650 is better than the 750 in quite a few ways. You're talking about lighter materials, fuel injection, electronics that have fewer years of use and exposure to the elements... Even if the 750 is mildly faster in a perfect state of tune, I strongly suspect the 650 would be easier to ride and just "feel" better.

Now all that said, a mechanically superior motorcycle does not always make a "better" motorcycle, or one that is more enjoyable to own or ride.

I have a strong affinity for vintage bikes that are awesome despite their flaws. I can't quite call the katanas "vintage" yet, but they are a generation or two (or three) behind modern motorcycles. Sometimes that's annoying as hell, and sometimes it's just simpler and less prone to failure.

for equal money, I would probably take the 650, but I wouldn't save up more to buy one over the other...
**if what I said can be taken two ways, and one of them offends you, I meant it the other way.
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