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Default "Spark unit"

I've been told that I need to look for a new spark unit, as mine is kaput.
Instead of alternating live-neutral-live-neutral signals it's giving out constant live power when on the starter.
Trouble is, 'spark unit' is an unknown term to me. Does he mean the coils, or the CDI do you think?
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Sounds like a CDI (although it's not technically a Capacitor Discharge Ignition) you're talking about. It doesn't work by going +, n, + though. You should have a constant +12v to the coils which gets grounded (on, off, on) through the (we'll call it a) CDI.
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U should have the starting system checked out befor u buy a new "CDI". Are you saying when you torn the key on the starter engages W/O start button.
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There's power, lots of power running through the whole bike except to the plugs.
I'm saying when you hit the starter it makes all the sounds of attempting to go (starter motor and such) but no zap to ignite. Can't tell if it's the coils dead or the CDI 'black box' that's gone and is stopping them getting grounded properly.

I love it when things are never straightforward, don't you guys?
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