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Katana How-To's & FAQ's A forum filled with write-ups, FAQ's, and visual aids for
mechanical & cosmetic modifications to your Katana.

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Default Wheel Fitments

Degrees of Difficulty

* Easy,suitable for
novice with little

** Fairly easy, suitable
for beginner with
some experience

*** Fairly difficult,
suitable for competent
DIY mechanic

**** Difficult, suitable for
experienced DIY

***** Very Difficult,
suitable for expert DIY
or professional

Degree of difficulty - **

Wheel Fitments:
(bearing ID X OD X length)
front / rear
1988 600 - red headed step child, no idea what the measurements are, I just choose not to mess with them (I bet Chinto knows)
1989-1997 600/750 - (front) 3" X 17" bearings - 15X42X13 (rear) 3.5" X 17" bearings - 17X47X14
1998-2002 600/750 - (front) 3.5" X 17" bearings - 15X42X13 (rear) 4.5" X 17" bearings - 17X47X14
2003-2006 600/750 - (front) 3.5" X 17" bearings - 17X40X12 (rear) 4.5" X 17" bearings - 17X47X14

So, the 1988 rims are all whacked out they look different, for this I will concentrate on 89-06. On a pre 98 (89-97), the wheels are 3" and 3.5" with swept spokes. The 98-02 front rim is 3.5" with straight spokes, 98-06 rear rims are 4.5" with straight spokes. The 03-06 front rim WILL NOT WORK, in 03 it has a spot that will still drive the speedo drive, but the bearings are different and your forks will not accommodate an axle 17mm in diameter. If you're swapping 98+ rims on a pre 98, there are a few things to consider:

1. The rims look different, if you swap the rear and not the front it won't look right, you need to do both.
2. The pre 98 forks will ONLY accommodate a 15mm axle so only 98-02 front rims will work, rear doesn't matter.
3. Pre 98 have a cable driven speedo which is controlled by the front wheel, 98-02 have this, they work fine.
4. The sprocket hub, when swapping to a post rear rim on a pre, use the pre sprocket hub, don't know what the difference is, this is the only way I've done it.
5. When swapping a post rear rim on a pre you DO NOT need the post swingarm and suspension, just the rim.
6. I CAN NOT stress this enough, when swapping post rims on a pre you ONLY need the rims, that's IT. No axle, no spacers, nothing.
7. On a 98+ the speed is calculated off the sprocket so gearing messes with that. On a pre speed is taken off the front rim, gearing doesn't matter.

One thing to note. The pre rear rotor has a 4 bolt pattern, the post has a 5. You need the rotor that goes with that wheel.
I recommend the front rotors be 98-02, pre front rotors will work, but your going to all this trouble, MAKE IT PRETTY

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