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Touring 411 Stop into this area for all things touring related. Get all the info. you need
on how to prepare for long rides and tours. Whether you're a true iron butt
or a beginner to long rides, this is where you want to be.

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Originally Posted by dano68 View Post
Nice, Let me know how it is. I have been looking at that route for a few years now. I have herd pretty good thing about it.
Will do

Originally Posted by loneraider View Post
Ear buds and cell phone charger, walking shoes if your wearing riding boots.
Frozen water bottles plus a ball cap & some shades and a lot really depends on weather. Bike lock or helmet lock too. You could always swing by my place as i'm not that far out of the way!
Good ideas here. Never thought of music. That would make it much more enjoyable for sure. Gotta get on that soon as I leave in a week and a half for this adventure. Where abouts are ya? Maybe PM me you contact info, and I will call or text you when I'm near. Maybe meet up for a coffee.

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Noise cancelling earbuds are a big help, they act like earplugs to cut the wind noise and of course make it easier to hear the music compared to the older hard plastic earphones. a cheap $20 set of sony's from the source is what i use.

Something to clean your visor with, dollarstore micro fibre cloths are great. the phone number and maybe addresses of any bike shops in the area, "just in case"

if your wearing a 2 pc, or even normal cloths hit a walmart and get a set of their knock off under armor long john style bottoms, they are awesome!!! a shirt to go with it isn't a bad idea either. helps wick the sweat away and makes getting out of your gear much easier on a hot day.

Personally I don't bother with taking parts, some basic tools and rain gear but that's about it.

if you have a decent gps that can import maps and routes look into "tyre" it's a free route planning program, you can plot a route on your computer, convert it and upload it to a gps.
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Old 06-23-2016, 04:59 AM   #13
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- A GPS with a list of the local gas stations
- First Aid kit
- A bottle of water
- Some snack (like 1-2 sandwiches or a few candy bars for energy)
- Tire Repair Kit

And make sure you do the chain/oil checkups before you set off
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Old 06-23-2016, 06:48 AM   #14
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For a day trip I wouldn't pack much more than some rain gear and a couple of bottles of water. It's if I'm going to be beyond the range of wife/friends and my truck that I'll think about carrying some tools.

For my Triumph I carry stuff I'm not sure everyone will have, like the 46mm socket for my rear wheel

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So many great ideas here. So much support. Thanks to all that has helped me with my list of things to pack. Went out and replaced my Ipod Shuffle. For some reason the original one I had doesn't turn on anymore. So bought another one. The good thing about the little iPod Shuffle device is that it has a really good quality made clip to attach it to the end of the sleeve on my riding jacket. It will be easy to use during riding. I'm so stoked about this trip. Hopefully its problem free
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