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Old 07-21-2005, 04:14 AM   #1
Tank Slapper
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Default Problem installing seat fairing


I pulled my seat fairing off yesterday with no great hassles (once I found the 2nd pair of pop clip thingies that hide right underneath it).

Now I am popping it back on and I can't get the #$%@$ light for the number plate back in it's hole. I have a 2004 model 750 and there are 2 nice big metal slots that the brake lights fit into, but below them is the small one for the number plate light which has a rubber surround. I know I'm supposed to push it in flush and then spin in clockwise a small amount, but I can't get my big hands to do it (damn thing is slanted on an angle which doesn't help).

Anyway, even my wife can't get it in there with her smaller hands, so I'm wanting to know if anyone has a neat trick which will solve this. I presume it can be done, but I don't know how.

I've walked away before I break something at the moment. Spent about 30 minutes trying to get it in there.

Oh, and I have not fully fitted the seat fiaring yet, it is on the bike, but backed off a bit so I can get access to this light (it appears that with the fairing on the light can't be changed... what a dumb design).

Help... please help...
fulcrum (aka David)
Blue 2004 GSX750F
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Old 07-21-2005, 07:07 AM   #2
Tank Slapper
Join Date: Oct 2004
Posts: 291


Figured it out.

For others in case you are having problems here is what I did.

Remove the clear cover over the bottom of the number plate light. Slide the panel in the base of the undertray back. Lie down with your head under the bike and look up. You can now see both sides of the hole. Poke the light through and wiggle it from both sides until it is completely through, then twist.

Once I did this it took about 15 seconds.

(And thanks to my wife for dropping the bulb in there which made me remove the clear cover to get it out).

Oh, and make sure that you reattach the cable for the seat lock mechanism. I almost forgot. It wouldn't be easy to get in there if it was locked.
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