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Riding Tips First bike? Old rider that learned a new lesson?
Post your questions, tips and experiences here so we can all learn from them!

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Old 07-29-2014, 03:43 AM   #11
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Red face Not the best history

I honestly can't remember how many miles it was but mine was 18 months after passing my test.....a cold wet and icy english morning, hit black ice on a round about, a sprained arm and 2 weeks to repair the bike then back on the road......for half a mile until I hit another patch of black ice

Just got to keep getting up and back on, for the first several years I was averaging an off once a year, but thats what happens when you ride in all conditions, ice/snow/torrential rain.
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Originally Posted by skjeflo View Post
Damnitall, you guys are doing nothing but scaring me.

Zero is the number I'm at and wanting to stay there. Sitting at right around 9,000 miles and going into month 14 of street riding (Kat was/is street bike #1), with just an infinitesimally small touch of dirt many, many moons ago.
lots of people go many years and tens of thousands of miles without crashing. Some things you can control, and some you can't.

All you can do is improve your own skills, and then be as aware as possible of the factors you can't control.

Like I said, I've never crashed on the street, but even being at the point where I have so many track crashes, I can no longer count them, I've never gotten up and thought "I have no idea why that happened." It's always been something I could have prevented - and I do when I'm on my street bike.
**if what I said can be taken two ways, and one of them offends you, I meant it the other way.
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Old 07-29-2014, 09:44 AM   #13
Tank Slapper
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I have rode several thousand miles on the road and have only really been down in a driveway...going almost nothing MPH...... long story...I'm a dumbass.

Dirt? I get dumb in the dirt and mud. Probably been down 50+ times. Only 2 or 3 bad ones though. I have had several concussions and last count was 11 broken bones.
1990 GSX1100F- abandoned in 2005, rescued by me in 2011, I'm gonna ride it if it's the last thing I do.

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1978 GS550E- The wife bought it for me for father's day (So she could learn to ride on it too)

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Old 07-29-2014, 09:55 AM   #14
Kat Daddy
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I had my Kat for 2 or 3 years, probably about 7 or 8K miles before i dumped it in a gas station parking lot. The PO thought it would be fun to fold up a master cylinder diaphragm (from what looked like a car) into fours, then cram it into the rear master cylinder. Needless to say I was riding around with only front brakes until the oem diaphragm and some new brake pads came in the mail. Locked up my front tire @ under 10 mph, hopped off the bike and nursed it down. That was me being stupid. What surprised me in hindsight, is that the stupid car diaphragm they put in lasted as long as it did. The second time I dropped it was the next spring. I was tooling up and down my neighborhood road in March and I was doing a u-turn in the intersection. At idle speed, both feet on the ground, using just enough clutch that i didnt have to push the bike and walked over black ice. The bike fell out from underneath me and I almost busted my ass slipping on the ice. Also, rather stupid.
My build thread (Black Betty) '97 600 (Dearly Departed)
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Track Rider
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In my bit over a year of riding I have ridden in most conditions, but snow or ice generally makes me grab the car. Now if I had a small dual sport it might be a different story, at least to go out and have some fun.

Not to say I didn't ride some ice a couple times when the weather changed while I was at work...years of mountain biking experience on loose trails, snow, ice, mud, etc. delivered me through nicely though. Kept it straight, relaxed, even on the throttle and loose on the bars, just sailed on through the icy patches.
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Old 07-29-2014, 09:29 PM   #16
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I made it about 3k miles. Was an early morning on my way to work. We had just had to put our long time pet cat down that morning so I was distracted.

Saw a bike on the side of the road for sale and was looking at it. I looked too long and when I looked up and all of the traffic in front of me was at a dead stop.

I panicked and grabbed a hand full of the right brake lever and the bike dropped flat to its side as the front tire washed out. Spilled it going about 40ish. I rolled off and managed to get a running roll back on to my feet. It was like slow motion as I watched my kat slide into the back of a gmc jimmy. It came to a stop and the motor was still running, back wheel still spinning. I had to run up and hit the kill switch. All it broke on the truck was a Reese hitch cover. Messed up my plastics, ground right through my glove and broke the side cover so oil was just pouring out. Cops came, took my motorcycle away on a flat bed truck. Wouldn't even give me the option to transport it myself. Got cited, all that good stuff.
Flush twice... It's a long way to the kitchen.
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Old 07-30-2014, 08:22 PM   #17
Knee Dragger
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Maybe ~100mi after purchase. During winter whilst I was resurrecting her. Thought I had the pefect carb tune and the weather had a break of mid 60's. In neighborhood (all my test riding was done there, did over 250 miles in my neighborhood getting used to riding) Target fixiated hard on a tiny patch of leftover slush and hard on the front break. When I hit the slush I'd locked it up and turned the wheel.

No actual street crashes yet but alot of close calls, very close calls.
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Old 07-30-2014, 08:23 PM   #18
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Originally Posted by Purplehaze View Post
No actual street crashes yet but alot of close calls, very close calls.
Welcome to street riding!
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Old 07-30-2014, 10:20 PM   #19
Kat King
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Define "crash" ...and then I'll tell you what I consider a "crash" to be. I remember my last one well.
Life throws you curves......enjoy the ones you get when riding.
89 GSX750F(sold....sob)
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Old 07-31-2014, 06:02 AM   #20
Kat Daddy
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Around 60K miles and have kept the rubber down so far (touch wood). That will be about 80K early next year and hope that's still the case. There have been plenty of pucker moments due to idiots - human and animal - as well as road conditions, but so far I've kept enough in reserve to stay out of serious trouble. I probably received a little help from Lady Luck during my first 6 months of riding. I've said it before ... crashing generally means 3 things ... pain, expense and inconvenience. At this stage of my life, I'm not really a fan of any of them, so I try to avoid them.

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