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Riding Tips First bike? Old rider that learned a new lesson?
Post your questions, tips and experiences here so we can all learn from them!

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Old 02-13-2015, 12:41 AM   #71
Skid Mark
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I agree my first bike was a Ninja 250, Moved on to a zx6 now on a zx7R and hell I drive it about like the others the powers nice and all but not needed I drive daily to get to work. I would recommend starting on a smaller bike as a good man once told me "Bikes do not tolerate stupid"
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Old 06-21-2015, 07:20 PM   #72
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Great read!

My point is: The only two wheeled motor driven machine that is guaranteed to not hurt you doesn't exist. Unless you count a bicycle...and ask yourself how many times you got hurt on one as a kid
I wrecked my huffy more times than I can count. I would build something to make it more fun, and always turned into something bad. I learned at a young age that doing stupid things got me or my bike hurt. So I quit, which resulted in no more crashes.
My first motorcycle was a Yamaha XV 500, not fast at all, but faster than my huffy. I did one stupid thing on it and laid it down, neither I or it was hurt, but it reminded me that stupid things end with bad results.
Sold that bike, 15 years later I got the bike I always wanted, a katana.it has more power than anything previously, and more than I need. I respect it and ride smart.
I am glad that I started with the bike I did, I learned a lot, and gained much needed experience.
2000 Kat 600
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Old 06-22-2015, 06:22 AM   #73
Knee Dragger
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The Kwak EX500 was my learner bike. Cool sport bike, and that made it hard to pass the license test. It did not want to go smoothly around in 1st gear, with a guy holding a clipboard watching me. Took 6 weeks and a 2nd try to pass the test
Next year I got an 82 GS1100G, closely related to the old 1100 Katana. That engine is very smooth and torquey. I drove it back to the license course out of curiosity, and it was a piece of cake with that bikes smooth low speed torque.
I still got the GS1100G, because I've never found another bike I liked more.
I did a track day with it, but it ain't a real sport bike.
So that's why I got a GSX750F. The 1st one I did a tiny booboo, the rear tire slipped on a slick road seam and smashed my clavicle. Sold it to pay some of the medical bills.
I bought another, and that one I'm tweaking into a track day bike.

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Old 06-25-2015, 05:51 PM   #74
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I grew up from age 5 to 20 with a dirt bike. At 20 I bought my first street bike. A 2005 r1. I had a lot of respect and self control. I realized very quickly that I didnt need that much power. A lady hit me 6 months later and totalled the bike. Fast forward to 8 years later. I had a choice between the kat i bought or a bandit 1200. Same years a mileage with a 300 buck price difference. I picked the kat. Its getting me familiar with riding again. I honestly dont think I made the right choice. Why do you need a liter bike? To show your buddies how big your balls are? True friends dont care. To do wheelies or stoppies? My big bitch of a katana can do those and it takes a little more skill to do so. I mostly ride in packs of friends and its more fun being nose to tail than to be the lone wolf out front
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Old 07-21-2015, 01:10 AM   #75
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I was lucky enough to have a dirtbike as a kid. My dad gave me a 1972 Suzuki TC125 Prospector, and I rode it all through Middle and High School. Granted, a couple friends had much more flashy, powerful, and lightweight bikes from the 90s, but my Suzuki was still so much fun. I was also lucky enough to have an abandoned christmas tree farm to practice in for my first couple years; followed by plenty of country roads with minimal traffic.

Playing in the trees, I crashed more times than I can recall. I learned a lot about how to handle the bike, including how to go with the flow in a wreck. I also learned a lot when I took this little bike to the country roads. I put it down a few more times, though much less violently than most of my woodland crashes. I have also crashed a bicycle at about 35 mph, wearing basically just a basketball uniform. This experience helped to reinforce the memory that the asphalt is much less forgiving than the forest floor was.

Since getting rid of that first bike, I have ridden a variety of machines.
-1972 Kawasaki KZ1100 -- a couple thousand miles -- My first I4 bike.
-1998 Harley XL1200C -- a few thousand miles -- My Dad's bike.
-2012 Off-brand 50cc moped -- 3K miles -- This was a fun ride, even if slow.
-1997 Suzuki GSX750F -- recently surpassed 4K miles -- My kat, and current bike.
-I have also put less than a thousand miles on numerous bikes, including a Yamaha Virago from the 80s, a big 400cc Honda dirt bike, and a 125cc Kawasaki dirt bike.

I definitely recommend that anyone who can, start on a dirt bike, and ride in a dirt environment, rather than pavement. I have not had a chance to ride the 250 Ninja, but think it sounds like it could be a good bike for street beginners.

I really enjoy my Kat, but would hesitate to recommend it to an absolute beginner motorcyclist.
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Old 07-23-2015, 03:16 AM   #76
Chicken Strip
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First of all guys forget my potato english :v

My first bike was an Gsx750F Katana, the first day i near crash the bike 3 times, but at the day 2 i just learn a lot after that i only have 4 crashes, all in stop at 400 km done (bike fall down), since it, i havent crash anymore, now the bike has 4 months and 3270km done in work-home-gf travels. The people say to me "that bike is so heavy and powerful for start". It was true, but if u drive with responsibility it will become an easy ride bike...
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Old 09-22-2015, 07:51 AM   #77
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