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Katana How-To's & FAQ's A forum filled with write-ups, FAQ's, and visual aids for
mechanical & cosmetic modifications to your Katana.

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Default Clutch Adjustment How To. *UPDATED w/Pictures*

This is for both Pre98 and 98+ Kats both 600 & 750's. Ok Here you go. Make sure the bike is in neutral when you do this.

1st run the clutch cable till it has slack in it. Run the thumb screw all the way in at the handle
then turn the coarse adjustment all the way in. This is the one on top of the sprocket cover. (10mm & 12mm needed here)

2nd take and back out the little screw on the worm gear that is behind the rubber grommet on the sprocket cover. While holding the nut with a 10mm wrench.

3rd take that screw and turn it in til you feel HIGH resistance then back it off 1/8th to 1/4 turn on the adjustment screw and lock the nut down at this point. Be sure to use the screw driver to hold the screw in place when you lock down the nut with the 10mm wrench.

4th take the coarse adjustment(10mm & 12mm needed here) and turn it out till there is no slack in the cable. You should leave about 1/4 inch of play at the handle. To get the 1/4" play in the lever before clutch is activated, a nickel can be placed in the pinch point of the lever. Use the coarse adjust to tighen lever against the nickel

5th turn the fine adjustment out just to make sure you have the 1/4 inch of play.

After this start the bike up and test the adjustment. You should be right on after this. If it is still dragging adjust the coarse adjustment a little more. Also if have to replace your clutch plates there are 4 bolts on the pressure plate. Just snug these down (book says 8-10 ftlbs of torque they are WRONG) on the clutch spring bolts when you reinstall them. If you do you will snap the heads off. I know.

I had the same problem this past summer and got it all figured out at the rally. If you need some more help and you are in the US PM me your number and I will call and talk you thru it. I made the mistake of doing the adjustment when the bike was in gear. This is a NO NO. If you do it you will put so much pressure on the adjustment behind the rubber grommet you will shoot it out the side of the cover.

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