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Default Finally got to ride a few miles on my bike--96 katana

Well we had some freak weather and it was in the 60's on Saturday so I thought I would take the bike out on some back roads (no lisc plate on it yet) to get a better feel for the bike. I soon discovered it was no exaggeration that the turning radius on the bike is about the same as on a semi truck, lol. The bike is heavy but it does not vibrate and is overall comfortable to ride. I am still surprised that for an 11 year old bike it has as much power as it does. I am really happy with the power of the bike and it looks/rides like new. Unfortunately I could not take it around any corners because of the rear tire and the fact it was back streets so it was basically all straights.

I would say the only thing I can complain about is the weight but once you get it going it is well balanced, has very good power and rides very well 2 up. In fact it was so balanced that I really could not even tell anyone was on the bike other than her arms around me.

Now all I have to do is slap on the new tires (Z6 or road attack) and wait for spring
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