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Originally Posted by squiggy View Post
Doesn't look like anyone has one.

I could post up my Post Kat with Givi luggage but your not asking for that.
I did not really expect anyone to have anything, but decided to give it.

This evening, I started to fab something up. I think I will eventualy bend/weld a propper mount, but this should work to figure out my placement, etc.

I started with a spare seat shortened to the rear latch since it frees up tons of space for tool storage. From there I made a framework to mount the topcase, and bags.

Here are a few photos of what I have so far......

The whole thing is still in it's infancy..... I still need to add a few fasteners, cut some brackets/hooks, and enclose the area formerly occupied by the rear of the seat. And then if it all works well, start from scratch, and build something a little less Mickey Mouse looking.
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