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Originally Posted by cannonball View Post
jet kits, air filters, oil filters, exhaust, clutch kits, brakes, and so on...
if you are trying to pull a wheelie without the clutch or chase a wheelie out you may have problems, 600 cc bikes of that era, especially the katana, are not powerful enough or light enough to simply pull a wheelie up and will come down quick when chasing one out. If you keep your balance point the bike can run one for as long as you can in theory.

There are a few less options for the bike in general, due to its age more than anything, for example, I could only find one aftermarket exhaust system designed specifically for a 1995 katana, but the options are still there.

You're gonna have trouble finding mods specifically tailored to be compatible with your bike. B/c of it's age, your somewhat SOL with some more common mods offered to other older bikes (mainly the gsxrs).
I have a '90 Kat and have been looking around for possible mods.
You're gonna be limited to jet kits, oil/gas filters, air filters, clutches (if you can find a kit or wanna do work on a clutch), exhaust (you'll have to search for something that will work). Those are all some good performance mods....

However, understand you're riding a '94 Kat, not the most typical wheelie machine. Kat's are a milder gsxr, meaning they AREN'T one haha. You're gonna have to work hard and play around with your bike to turn it into a one-wheel demon.

Have you considered cosmetic upgrades before moving on to performance mods?!
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