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Okay, it's been a while. I've had issues with the engine in this bike. It's been irritating. I believe I had a problem with a stretched timing chain, and possibly a tired old cam chain tensioner. I've swapped to a mcct, and have ended up rebuilding almost everything in the motor. It's taken a few times of things breaking to finally go this route. I've cracked open the cases, replaced nearly every bearing, cleaned everything really well, had the valve seats cut at a machine shop, new valves, high tension valve springs, new cam chain. I'm hoping it stays together at this point, because it's getting very frustrating. I've done mechanical wonders before with never an issue, but this motor has been one problem after another and is starting to make me doubt myself. THIS is why I like to buy brand new bikes, instead of buying problems from other people.

Anyway, with a little testing I've gotten to do, the suspension is doing awesome. I did tweak the front emulators a little, making it slightly softer. It's really well balanced, and steers like a dream.

The last time I was testing and this bike stopped, I got in some good practice on a ttr-90. Yep, it's under powered, only a 3 speed, no clutch, and nearly no brakes. I started a policy of downshifting from 3rd to 1st to slow down for turns, and started getting really good at sliding sideways into the turns. It was a blast, and I was laughing so hard while doing it. It was just comical how tall I am, 190 pounds, on such a tiny bike and sliding it sideways almost to full steering lock with countersteering. It was fun, and I learned a lot about getting comfy with sliding a bike sideways.

This last weekend, I didn't have one last part for the crf, so I did the training with the DRZ. I started out really tentative on it. It just feels different, has a softer suspension, more torque. I ended up having to do some basic drills like emergency braking and turning tighter and tighter circles, then figure eights, just to get more comfy. I soon started getting faster on it though. Even started getting comfy on a new track setup with only one sharp turn, sliding it into that turn under braking and downshifting to 1st. Wasn't getting it anywhere near as sideways as that ttr-90 though. I'm still learning. Anyway, I've melted the front tire a little bit, and really wore the rear down. I've got just over 1000 miles on it, and I'm almost down to the wear bars on the rear tire. I also feel like a truck hit me. It's hard work making these bikes go fast, especially the drz400sm, as it wants to launch out from under me when coming out of a turn in 1st and whacking the throttle open.

I should have the crf together very soon, and hopefully it stays together.
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