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few things on ethanol..

hi there ! i'm new (and by the way i'm working in chemistry)

there's a few things a can say about ethanol,

the good:
-ethanol is more environmentally friendly
-ethanol is CH3-CH2-OH, you can see there's oxygen in molecule, it can bring "liquid" oxygen to the combustion chamber and that can "raise" the octane level by few point (or decimal" like a little turbo
-ethanol can merge with water and keep the tank free of water residu

the bad:
-ethanol evaporate really fast, if you leave your bike without running it for 2 or 3 weeks, the water "merged" with ethanol is released in carburetor, and the varnish build-up is faster.
-i'm not sure.. but ethanol can sometimes dry-up more faster rubber and plastic parts that are in contact with the gas
-more power = more heating.. idle speed can run a little faster than supposed
-can dissolve fiberglass tank, i'm thinking more of boating activity, but for the bodyshopper that can read this message..

so good or bad ? dunno.. make your choice. and don't store your bike with a tank full of ethanol !
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