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Originally Posted by squiggy View Post
Just to clarify, your item does not include a sleeve that would slip down the shaft to close the rebound holes, correct?

Since you stated that you closed them per Race Tech's instructions you brazed the holes closed?

Race Tech's web site states the emulators are the same from 1988-2006, so yes they would.
Yes you are correct as I made the bushing myself to close off all 5 ports where the rebound adjuster was located and center the emulator instead of using that circlip.

I actually welded 2 of the 3 holes and left the 2nd rebound hole open as RT states to select a hole that you want open and keep that one for the rebound.

EDIT: Oh I should mention that in the instructions they say 4 turns for a heavy rider (What is considered a heavy rider?) RT says over 260 lbs.


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