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Went for a ride after the Grip Puppies were installed.

Man, those things are huge. It's just like using a set of those foam cruiser grips. OTOH, there was zero vibration, although I didn't get on the highway.

I went with them because they're easily removeable, and very cheap. I'll ride 'em for a while, then toss 'em if I don't like it. Anyway, just thought someone might want to know. Grip Puppies are awesome if you want a completely dead feel.

I'll probably take them back off, since I don't do too much highway right now, and prefer to "feel" the road. I can stand a little vibration in exchange for being in touch with my suspension. I also ackowledge that I have an *extremely* tight setup, since the addition on the PVC tube spacer mod.

FWIW, still worth the eight bucks just to try it out.
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