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Originally Posted by JEDI View Post
God Jockey, awesome job on the 400! Very sharp. How does a 400 sound with a bettle exhaust? I am very curious as I have owned several bugs, and the sound difference with and without the baffles are WAY different, also is your dual or single at the end?

Thanks, its dual pipes, I tried it with out the vw resonators and it'd just fall flat on its face at like 7.5k rpm, it was too loud and barky too.

With them, it revs much better and harder, even tho I rejetted I just dont think the carbs were made for what I was asking out of them before hand. It sounds much better and smoother, hard to explain, but sounds nice with the two cylinder "glub glub" sound, as a 400cc its perfect for around town but i'd only take it on a few highways definetly not the faster moving ones.

Go to for more ideas.
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