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Aloha from Oahu ♥︎ '03 GSX750FK3

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  • Aloha from Oahu ♥︎ '03 GSX750FK3

    Any one else on da rock wit me, plz msg me

    Single Mom who luvs to wrench & ryd!

    Back in 2008 I bought my first 刀 it was over a decade old, for the purpose of teaching myself how to wrench my ryd. Blew my head gasket going thru the H3 tunnels, had to coast all the way down H3 to Halawa. That was my first real project. Next the little hose on the carb broke and couldn't find my year so I grabbed the year newer and learned how to convert the manifold airbox and T the fuel line. Part by part I changed out everything from normal service to major upgrades/repairs/replacements! Sadly it was stollen and so far I've only recovered the license plate.

    Just got my 2nd 刀 2003 750 little more cc but lighter and so far all I need to do is sync my carbs, but I don't see the vacuum thingy like my old kat!? If anyone can link me to sites or downloads (free-to-use) of the original manual, service manuals, repair schematics & diagrams it would be most appreciated!

    PS. I luv to wrench, but I am a girly-girl... I know I don't use the correct mechanic terms, so please don't be offended

    ♡ Mahalo ♡

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    There's a free to download manual in the mechanics 101 section here. I just got a 750 after years on a 600 too. Have fun!
    1998 Katana 750
    1992 Katana 1100
    2006 Ninja 250

    2006 Katana 600 RIP - 130k miles


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      Hello and welcome!
      My family came to Hawaii long ago; we still have some on Maui. Beautiful wonderful place. Sorry to hear about the old bike - but hope you enjoy your new one!

      This site is inhabited by kind, helpful people. Grateful they are here.


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        Welcome to KatRiders

        Help Support via


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          Welcome to Katriders . Nice presentation and have a fun with your new bike


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            Welcome to the site. New here myself. I thought cruising the turns on the blue ridge mountains here in Virginia was beautiful, but I can only imagine the views on two wheels from the islands.