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Hi, new and a little short for gsx750 fx

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  • Hi, new and a little short for gsx750 fx

    New to any of this so please bear with me. I have a 1999 gsxf750 but being vertically challenged I am on my tip toes at best, and this is also a struggle putting the wonkily designed side stand up and down. I know I can adjust the pre-load on the rear but there is no option for this on the front. So here are a couple of questions which I would greatly appreciate any help with. Under the seat there are 4 rubbers, would cutting these in half work to Lower the seat height? Next, where the rear shock is bolted to the frame, there is another hole inwards towards the front of the bike, is this an optional fastening point that could lower the bike a little? I don't want to go down the lowering kit route and don't want to mess the geometry of the bike up too much. Thanks for reading and please help, the bike itself is great to handle and very comfortable so don't want to get rid if possible.

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    There are a number of thing you can do... use the search above (google option works better). Lower the front, install different rear shock and cut down the seat foam. You may have to shorten the side stand when you are complete.
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      Hi and thanks for the reply, been googling all day. Cash is a little tight at the moment so will keep googling 😁


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        If cash is tight, cutting out some of the foam on the seat is your best bet. When you can afford it, certain year R6 shocks bolt up and drop the rear a bit. You can have a shop mod the forks to compensate for that to keep the original geometry.
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          Thanks, been thinking about the seat shaving option and good to know about the shock. Couple of bike places near me so will ring them and ask about the forks etc. Pity I can't just grow an extra couple of inches!!


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            Thanks and yeah, they'd definitely do the job!! 😂😂😂