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New owner From France :)

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  • New owner From France :)

    Hello all!

    I'm from France and I bought a Katana 600 (GSX600F for EU market) to replace my old GS500... I fall in love with this model, really... I don't see more Katana at Paris because they don't like this model soo much.. I don't know why.. Feel free to ask me some question about my choice.

    My katana is white and I ever do some upgrade on it

    - All LED for Headlight ( H7 and H1 for our EU Market...)
    - Eagle Eye LED install for licence plate
    - R&G Crash protectors (not on the avatar)
    - Smoke turn light
    - Smoke windscreen

    Sorry for my bad english if you don't understand me ..


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    Welcome to KatRiders.

    Help Support via


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      1998 Katana 750
      1992 Katana 1100
      2006 Ninja 250

      2006 Katana 600 RIP - 130k miles


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        Welcome to KR! and your English is better than some on here
        2002 750 Kat
        2013 Polaris 850 XP LE(wrecked)
        2002 Ski-Doo MXZ 800
        2002 Ski-Doo MXZ 800 X-package
        1999 Ski-Doo MXZ 670 H.O.
        2009 Kawasaki KX250F(SOLD)


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          Thank you guys!
          dano68, I try to be clear ^^


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            Congrats and welcome to KR. I'd be interested to hear how you find the LED headlights once you've had them for a while.


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              Thanx woobie. To be honest, we need to adapt your eyes with the LED effect...

              Any LED with high power have the same " default", I explain:

              - hole effect : In a very dark situation (forest at night for exemple), The power of LED make a huge luminous point at the center whereas around it's less powerfull.
              The light is less diffuse than with halogens.

              - Technologie of LED makes some difference of the final color on the road. In France , The Katana have a H7 and H1 on headlight.
              My H7 LED is a COB LED and My H1 is A CREE LED. The Main difference is that COB make somme interference with deflector in headlight.
              We can see some colour > Yellow and Purple. But the quality and power of the LED is not affected so much in my opinion.
              I think it's better then we have fog... Cree technologie is OK, no remarks.

              To resume, LED is more powerfull than halogens, I'm sure. But we need to have a warned eye to have a good experience with LED..


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                I currently have a VFR800 and the stock headlights are awesome, but it's always interesting to see how new products perform on older bikes. Same goes with cars, people are upgrading to LED headlights but I have read comments about performance in rain and snowfall(not a normal issue when it comes to bikes )


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                  Hmm, I understand. Often on a old bike (or car), the design of the headlight (mainly the deflectors) are not able to deflect enough power for LED or HID, so made some mistake as you say in snowfall and rain. Did you try another new car with led headlight stock?! it's not the same world... All is designed for LED.. and works very well.