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Uphill battle to rebuild a bike in memory of a fallin rider

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  • Uphill battle to rebuild a bike in memory of a fallin rider

    I have a 96 kat 600f.
    This was a good friends bryce's bike. It was his first bike and he loved this bike. Two years ago he was hit and killed on another bike. Around the same time i wrecked the kat. After everything that happened the bike sat for 2 years. I just yesterday I drove the 2 hours away to get the bike and bring it home. Its in rough shape but im determined to rebuild it in his memory and give it to his father. It has no plastics, bad harness ect... I did swap a new motor and carbs in it before it sat. I could use help on this one. I live in cetral pa ... Parts are really hard to find. Ebay one way but too much money to buy each part. I dont have alot of money or experience.. But determined... Any advice or help would be great. Thanks for reading

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    Good luck.
    Lots of parts on eBay, or
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      Deals can be found on fleebay.....just take your time.
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        Thanks for the info..... Will keep posted on progress..
        If anyone arond my area like to work on kats hit me up