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New Member, long time rider, now on a 05 kat 750

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  • New Member, long time rider, now on a 05 kat 750

    i have had my kat for about 3 yrs and finally doing some upgrades. and started the process of painting it myself.cant wait to get it painted. i think im going to need a clutch soon as it slips if i double clutch and sometimes on a hard throttle. i have adjusted lower and upper adj. but still the same. any suggestions on something i might be missing would be appreciated. i also have a cracked speedo glass and was wondering if it is replaceable or if anyone has tried to make their own out of plexi or acrylic plastic. im on a tight budget do to a stroke 1 1/2 years ago so im trying to get things done as cheap as possible. Any help or suggestions? Just glad to be able to still ride, and glad to be a new member. Thank You!

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    If you adjust the clutch anyway, oil change is going to be your only other possible easy fix. Car oil+ clutch plates= slippage.
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      Used kat gauges are fairly cheap.
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        Thanks for the help.