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  • Kat with 9 lives (on #8)


    My name is Matt. I recently sold a Honda ST1300P to a local fellow and as I was leaving his house I saw a front wheel sticking out from under a pile of junk. I commented on the dangers of hauling that much weight of scrap on a motorcycle and he said the bike was being junked along with the rest of the pile. Of course I couldn't help but to walk over out of curiosity. He told me that the owner was in the military stationed here in San Diego but lived in Michigan and once his overseas tour ended he went directly back home to his family and the bike had been sitting in his back yard ever since. He said it was the fastest thing in San Diego at one time but he had not started the bike since 2001. He had also let people take parts here and there over the last 16 years so it had no tank no seat no coils....and many other parts missing.

    Sounded perfect how could I resist a gem like this.

    I got her home about 2 weeks ago and found the motor to be seized most likely because the carbs were just setting on the engine and not seated where they belonged. A couple cans of MM and SF along with about 10 hours of rocking it in 5th gear and she finally broke free a couple days ago.

    Although all the bodywork is accounted for and in decent shape I was leaning towards the chopper / bobber look since I needed a tank anyway.

    However today I came across someone getting rid of a 1990 gsx1100 in good shape just minus the engine. So I have a whole different set of options that a may go with. Either direction I go with it I know I will have alot of questions and these bikes seem to have alot of conflicting information on the web so its good to be joining a group that centers around the Kats.

    Since I am this deep into a post I would like to ask one quick question about my 88 Kat 1100 and this 90 Kat 1100. Are the coils from the 90 ok to use in my 88? and if I go with the 90 would my drive train bolt into it plug and play?

    Thanks and I will take some photos tonight to add to my profile.

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    Welcome aboard.
    Yes (coils) and yes (engine/drivetrain swappable).
    The main difference with the 88 and 89-94 is a slight difference of frame length and the forks are different. Use the ones from the '90 as they are proper cartridge forks, the 88 forks are damper rod style.
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      Welcome to katriders
      Nice find(s)...
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        Welcome to KatRiders.
        Good luck on the build.

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