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Hello from north London!

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  • Hello from north London!

    Hello Katriders,

    Thought I'd register as I've had a Katana since march last year, used this forum allot for help with bits an bobs in the past so I thought I may as well register and get involved!!!!

    I live in north London and I love my GSX600f! its a 2003 with 35k miles on it, 13k of which I have put on the clock myself since march.

    Has a Delkevic exhaust that came with the bike and for the past year I've bit by bit slowly learned how change the brake pads and general maintenance. I'm still learning so no doubt you will see me on the forum abit more for some help! (like removing the two pins on the rear caliper *nightmare*)

    Here's a pic!!AmVtRUHVVYWxlzHruZa8OU25Bbhg

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    Welcome to Katriders
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