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read once in a while but never posted so here it goes

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  • read once in a while but never posted so here it goes

    im 45 and katana 600 is my first bike. I bought it for $1400 2 1/2 years ago. I commute on it daily, half curvy back roads and half highway. I've put on 13000 miles. it is scraped up and the front end is bent so I have learned to ride with the handle bars turned to the left a few inches. I wonder if I ever try a different bike will i end up going in circles. The suzuki dealer says they can fix it for $1200. Thats not worth it. They said they could do it for less if I buy a used front end. Still probably not worth it. I think I will just save for something eventually and enjoy Katie in the mean time. What do you guys think? How many of you Nick named your katana katie?

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    Ummmm, seriously.....fix your bike. It's not hard to change the forks.. if you plan on selling it, you won't get but $150 and its mighty irresponsible to risk your own safety for the sake of just being cheap. Oh and welcome to Katriders.
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      Welcome to KR.
      I named mine Beauty. (As in Black beauty, the horse)
      What ^ said, that really really needs fixing. Swapping the front end isn't hard, if you have basic tools you can do it yourself.
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