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Need carburetor help 1994 gsx Katana 600

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  • Need carburetor help 1994 gsx Katana 600

    Here we are 22 years after i purchaced this bike. It has had several tunups over the years and kept in decent shape..the tank did start to rust a tiny bit a few years ago but hadn't gotten any worse.

    It runs ok but the last couple trips the gas keeps coming out of the left side carb or carbs. Hard to see. So now i meed to decide on avalible options for a 23 year old bike...
    Tear it down and make a fun race bike for the track
    Rebuild carbs and let the 17yr old take it over
    Purchace after market or rebuilt carbs?

    If i take it apart all the rubber including intakes will probably need not a carb guy and the book makes the job seem a little over my skill and patients level.
    What do you all suggest

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    Clean the carbs and keep riding..not a big deal to do....once you've done it. Carbs 101 is what you'll need but, turn the A/F screws to 2.5 turns out.
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      the wrong thread

      So i see i posted my problem in the intro section, how do i move it to the mechanic 101 section or where ever it belongs...