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Hello ALL Tom Tuttle from T-TOWN,,, Just saying HI

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  • Hello ALL Tom Tuttle from T-TOWN,,, Just saying HI

    Tom Tuttle from T-TOWN,,, Just saying HI

    My KIT is the first Bike I have ever been on ...... Love Working on it..... I bought it for 125.00 and yes it needs some work..... starts but won't stay running with NO choke..... ( should I try and remove all the carbs and clean them myself... or take PHILLIS in to a repair shop for the cleaning of her lifetime???? She is a 1996 600 F and I think she has a week battery too.

    We will chat later KAT lovers!

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    Welcome, yes, clean them yourself. It isn't hard to do. You need to download carbs 101, it doesn't say to soak the bodies and jets in carb dip, you should do that for 24hrs per body.
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      Hello Seattle! My daughter , son-in-law, and grandchild live there out by Puget Sound. I always ask them, "What does Puget sound like?" Welcome to KR!

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        Welcome aboard. +1 to carbs 101. Bike mechs generally don't know how to deal with carbs anymore.
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          Sure they know how to deal with them: Take your $200-$600 to "clean" and "rebuild" said carbs and still not do it right.

          Carbs 101, a bit of reading on this site, 4 K&L rebuild kits, some Berrymans along with some time and in the end you'll have learned a thing or two and have a set of carbs you can be proud of.