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  • Proud new kat owner

    Just saying hello from Orlando.After 20 years of riding just about every bike on the market i finally picked up a 99 katana 750 in kind of rough shape.but its just my style i like to buy to make them my last 2 bikes were a 04 Busa and befor that a 2012 Busa.I would be very greatful for any and all info i can get on this bike and hope to find someone with spare parts around that there willing to sell.And more importantly some fellow riders to roll around with.

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    Welcome to KatRiders. That's quite a change from a Busa to a Kat. You should find that you like the all-around good manners of the Kat. Welcome.


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      yes it is a bit of a change.i have always liked the katanas just never had the option to pick one up.i have had 03 gsxr 1000 01 gsxr 750 96 cbr600f 00 zx9r a 78 gs750 (loved that bike) a yamaha r6 a yamaha radian.2 bandits a 1200 and 600 and the 2 busas i have had my share of stupid speed.i think the kat will do most everything any of those others will do so im happy.but i have never really had a stock bike.the wife says i cant leave good enough alone.i already have plans for making it my own.but gotta get her running first lol


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        Welcome to KR!! I'm currently on my second Busa, myself. My first being a 2007 I bought brand new, and my current being a 2008 I bought used. I also have a 2003 SV650 and a 2005 GSXR600, I enjoy them all for different reasons. The 07 Busa was the bike I got after the Kat, though. Really enjoyed my time with my Katana, it is a nice machine indeed!

        Current bike: 2007 Hayabusa


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          Welcome to KatRiders.

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            Welcome to KR


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              thanks all...anyone know where i can get a starter close by? i have ordered 2 from ebay and both have been lost in there a for sale section


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                Yes there you have a bike scrap yard around you?
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