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  • Hello from the Steel City

    Hello everyone. My name is Chris, and I'm from Pittsburgh, PA. I'm a new member to the group, as well as a new Kat owner. Previously I had a '96 Ninja ZX-600 and then an '05 Harley Sportster, but kids and family made me hang up my helmet for a minute.

    But, I'm back behind the handlebars, ready to put the rubber to the road again, and picking an '06 Kat 600 on Saturday from a kid who wanted a sportbike, but hit 6k RPM's and changed his mind (and his I've only seen it from a bunch of pics, but for $1300 with 17k miles, never dropped, clean plastics, freshly cleaned carbs (left a tank full of gas as it sat, and then flooded it the last time he started it) and a relined tank (shop upsold him on that one) I figure I can't go wrong even if I have to put a few hundred into it. I don't mind putting in some wrench time, and it gives me a chance to teach the kids something too.

    My day job is a Sr. Programmer/Analyst but I also own a home-based hydro dipping shop that I do in the evening and weekends. Feel free to check out my website in my profile to see some of my work. One main reason I'm buying this Kat is to use it as a show piece for my work, and to make it look like an awesome one-of-a-kind bike (already started dipping my Mustang, so I need something else to play with).

    Well, that's all for now, but I'm sure we'll be getting to know each other over the summer as I start tearing into my first Kat to see what she's all about. So far all of the posts that I've read have been really informative, and I look forward to joining the community.


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    Welcome aboard
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      Welcome to KR.


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        "A knight proves his worthiness by his deeds."


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          Welcome to KatRiders !!!


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            Welcome to KR