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  • Hello Again!

    I'm Terry and I'm 27, I came here a couple years ago with this bike and had more questions than anything. I've since gone back to the drawing board and have redone just about everything.

    I have a 1992 katana frame, with a 90's Bandit rear swing arm, 01 Bandit GSF600S bored out to 640, and all bandit instruments.

    Figuring out the swing arm was a hell of a pain, we tried a 93 and a 95 gsxr swing arms, but they sat way to high. Again with an 02 bandit swing arm and settled with one that I'm told is a 90s style. This guy had over 150 swing arms I was going through trying to find one that would work.

    A couple years ago it was all katana spliced into the bandit harness which I couldn't make positive results of.

    I still want to redo the carbon vinyl on the fuel tank (as I stained it quite bad getting the rust out of the tank), put the carbon vinyl on the front fairings (which I have cut resembling the old school katana fairings), and I need to deal with the bolt securing the cylinder 4 oil return hose (This was broken some time ago and has a very light oil leak as there is gasket sealer there now, I have a buddy arranged to see it soon and see if he can extract said bolt). After a new set of the proper bolts all around it should be looking pretty.

    Other then that she's running great, and I'm looking forward to some beautiful weather.

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    76 gixxer! There's a rarity.
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      You sure you got those years right?

      93 750 Kat

      Modified Swingarm, 5.5 GSXR Rear with 180/55 and 520 Chain, 750 to 600 Tail conversion, more to come. Long Term Project build thread

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        I updated my years, not sure what I was thinking.


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          thanks post & Like post very...