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  • Hey Katriders

    Hey Katriders from B.C. Canada. Always wanted a street bike. Done a little dirt riding but not tons. Talking to a buddy a work who rides and told him I'd love to find a cheap project bike to work on and ride. He smiles.

    So $50 later i came home with a 1990 gsx600f kat in the back of my jeep! lol He had dropped it and stripped it completly down to just frame a motor then got lazy and bought a new bike so it sat in his shed for a few years. He had labeled and bagged all nuts and bolts. Fairing are damaged, exhaust ends after the headers, front light assembly bent. He threw in 1 new muffler, complete set of 2000 gsxr fairings and headlight assembly and a riiding jacket since it didn't match his new ninja.

    Goal is to have it running by summer. probably won't use the gsxr stuff but who knows. Wife says I have to finish the Jeep first before I can start on it which is fair since its been torn apart for awhile now.

    See you around

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    Welcome to Katriders..
    The GSXR parts will not fit...not saying you can't make it fit. It will take some work to do so. Fake GSXR isn't good...
    You can fix the GSXF fairings.
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      Welcome to KatRiders.
      At that price you can't go wrong.

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        Welcome to KR!

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          Wasn't thinking build a fake gsxr. They came with it. Maybe can sell em for bike parts.


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            Best wishes on your project bike. Keep focused and you will see your way through it. It will even be fun if you take the right mindset. Cheers.


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              Welcome and good luck with the project.
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