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  • Hello from Texas!

    Howdy all, names Dennis. Im a 24 year old Music student at Texas State University in San Marcos in the Texas Hill Country. I have a broad liberal arts education and am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, with an emphasis in Trombone performance. My genre of choice is good old American Jazz. I am also currently studying Manufacturing Technology, specifically metal working. I don't come from a family of gear-heads, but I am informed my late Grandfather was an avid tinkerer and shadetree mechanic.

    While attending school, I am in the job search process and happenstance has led me to a wonderful small motorcycle shop here in town, owned by a great young guy who has extended to me a great opportunity. After a preliminary tryout day, this young man offered me, free of charge, a 1988 GSX 1100FJ in very poor shape. 100% of the systems on this bike need attention, but his gift included a challenge. Build the bike in a month in his facility, ON HIS DIME, and not only can I keep the machine free and clear, but my satisfactory performance will yield me gainful employment.

    So I come to you good folks of the internet and of the Katana to learn from your experiences, share my knowledge and yours and hopefully get a bitchin' machine out of it all! I have already found the stickied post with the '88 shop manual pdf's and have it saved on my computer, as well as having been lurking for the last three days on the forums. I look forward to knowing you good people and perhaps sharing a ride and a beer someday soon.

    Again, hello from Texas, and heres to fair weather and clear roads.

    Cheers. Dennis.

    this is my bike after removing the fuel system to clean it all after years of disuse and neglect. I found pinholes in the tank after removing some of the internal crud. Hope to weld it back and have this bike running inside of the month of February.
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    Welcome aboard......there is much information available to you here. Start by downloading the manual from here, if he doesn't have one. Most shops don't due to the age of the bike. Best of luck in your endeavors
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      Welcome. Good luck with your build.


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        Being a graduate of SWT (your school, they just changed the name on me) when other SWT (TSU) grads show up every now and then at my gigs at Rosie's Pizzeria, I joke that since SWT no longer exists, perhaps my degree in no longer valid. My sons spent time as TSU students also. Groove on, the bike situation is almost unheard of. Good luck on that, and be careful if you ride in Austin, a nightmare on a bike. I know these things.

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          Another Dennis from Texas!!! Welcome to KR, and best of luck with that beast of a bike. A whole bunch of members here are more than willing to lend a hand whenever possible.

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