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Katana Love Story - hello from cincinnati!

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  • Katana Love Story - hello from cincinnati!

    Hello all, just joined this forum to look for a bit of advice and help to help bring an old Katana back to life. First the love story part. Back in 1990 when I was a young man, I had already owned a few street and dirt bikes, i was currently riding an old FJ600 and I had a new job and money to spend. I fell in love with the 1989 Katana 600 and bought one right off the showroom floor. It is the first and only motorcycle I ever bought new. After riding it for a year or two, my roomate and i decided to ride from cincinnati to phoenix to visit my sister and see the grand canyon. It was the ride of a lifetime, long and hard, but incredibly fun. The next year i totally disassembled the Kat in my living room and painted the frame and rims beta yellow (not sure this was my best decision ever) within two more years, work was taking all my time and i sold the bike after racking up around 21K on her. I've owned many other motorcycles and still do. I always missed that bike and kept an eye open for it around town. Well, over 20 years have passed and I found it on Craigslist right before christmas.. so, merry christmas to me, I bought it and brought it back home to begin the process of nursing it back. someone had the great idea that bedliner would make a nice tough finish so the plastics are pretty much ruined. I'm trying to decide on a cafe, streetfighter, or a walking dead style rat-tracker. i think going back to stock fairings isn't really worth the money but i'll ask you guys that one.. Again, looking for ideas and suggestions for styles, i've stripped off the plastics and i have to say the bare bike is pretty ugly ..
    I have a couple pics of the bike in various states that i'll post when i figure out how

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    That is a good story. There is a black 06 Kat 600 that I bought off the showroom floor brand new that I wish I still had. Don't suppose I'll see it again though. Nice story.

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      Welcome to KR.


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        Welcome to KatRiders.
        I myself would look for used fairings to put back on, Kat's are like me and not too good to look at naked.

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