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Good morning from Oklahoma

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  • Good morning from Oklahoma

    Good morning guys,
    Just picked up a 95 Kat 600 for my daughter to have something to replace her ninja 250 in the spring. It needs some work, but has good bones .

    I'm not new to the motorcycle world, I've had a slew of bikes and my current personal bikes are a 2013 VTX 1300 and a 1966 Norton Atlas 750.

    I really only post when I have something to add or ask, so I'll be that notorious lurker as I suck up the knowledge here.

    Have a good one!

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    Welcome aboard..
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      1998 Katana 750
      1992 Katana 1100
      2006 Ninja 250

      2006 Katana 600 RIP - 130k miles


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        Sounds like a good Kat. I had a 2006 metal flake orange VTX1300C alongside an 05 ZZR1200. I rode the ZZR 90% of the time because it was just otherworldly fast, but did manage a fall ride from West Texas to Pagosa Springs on the VTX, and found it to be the perfect bike. Hold on to yours. When we made the move to the mountains, I quit riding because of pot holes, highways packed with tourists in the summer, and wildlife all over the place, some that might devour me. I ride horses now. Welcome! Come see me play up here...many of your fellow statesmen do.

        BTW...your KOMA AM radio station which I tuned into every night of my high school years (from Kermit, Tx) gave me a far better education than the school I attended, and for that alone, I am forever indebted. Also, my great grandmother's cousin, Quanah Parker is there in Oklahoma.
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          hullo, new guy here too. welcome!


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            Hey Zuma, the VTX is really an outstanding platform. Every time I think about moving to another bike I just can't seem to find anything that fits me and the way I ride better.

            I've never heard of KOMA, but will check it out.

            Thanks for the welcome, alltheway, welcome to you, too


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              1520 KOMA AM radio...semi-counterculture but extremely powerful radio station that would reach us over 600 miles away, if we could find a hill to park on at night in that flat desert brushland of far West Texas. It gave me hope from the time even before the Beatles came over. It was how I saw the world. When my parents and I would travel east or west and be out of range, I sorely missed it.

              When I went away to college in Abilene, Texas, I could not tune it in, though the Dallas/Fort Worth stations were good, but they were not KOMA. After a year at college, when I came back for the summer of 1972, there had been changes and the format became muddled, less rock'n'roll, less counterculture...guess it ended as did much of the hippie/Woodstock generation...but it never ended for me. I meandered down to finish my degree near Good Old Austin Texas and became a hippie English teacher until 2012. Now I'm a hippie singer/guitar player, still influenced by that radio station from then. God Bless KOMA!

              "A knight proves his worthiness by his deeds."


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                Welcome to KatRiders.

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