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  • Hello All!!

    Hey all, just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself. I have been into motorcycles since I was young, owned various bikes, and currently run a small bike shop out of my garage. Anyway for a couple hundred bucks just got a 1990 750F Kat. from a customer that didn't want to pay to get it running(carbs needed cleaned). Compression is on the low end (I'm assuming worn piston rings) and Its in really rough shape cosmetically (it has no seat if that gives you an idea) plastics are broken in places, 20k on odo. I have started tearing down the engine for a rebuild and it is looking better than I expected. My friend had the idea of putting the 750 engine in a yamaha blaster I have in the shed.... seems like a death trap... but cool. I am torn though. I have heard that the katana is a very comfortable and fun bike to ride, but it would take a lot of work and parts to get this one road worthy again. Any advice and/or opinions are greatly appreciated and I look forward to talking with you all.

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    Damn near everybody here spent too much to get there bike back to snuff, they are nice bikes for what they are...
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      +1. I've spent more on mods for my kat than I did to buy it. Although I A) overpaid because I was dumb and didn't know better, and B) got a runner, not a project.

      If you run a shop, you know what you're in for workwise, and you can do it all yourself.

      It is comfy. It is reliable. It is easy to work on. You already know I'm telling you go for it.

      Just upgrade the suspension when you rebuild it. Get some racetech springs appropriate for your weight in the forks. If you have the equipment to rebuild a shock, buy a 1998-2006 750 rear shock, and respring it for your weight.

      eBay is your friend for parts.

      And most important, take pics and share.
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