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  • Kinda new member late introduction

    Well my friends im sorry ive been a member for a few weeks now and have posted a few times but i havent done an intro so i thought i take the time to do so since id llike to become a more contributing member to this community as it has already helped me so much...... Id like to start off saying that ive owned three bikes my first was a 1983honda magna 750 then i bought a 1994 suzuki gsxr 750 which was stolen from me less than a month after i got it...... I went a few years without a bike and just recently ran across a decent deal on a 1995 suzuki katana 750 needs minor work and is already road worthy for the most part........ It is white with black accents i will post some pics soon.....honestly i love it!!!!! It fits my riding style vety much as i always felt the gsxr was a bit to aggressive for me... But i do plan on doing a few upgrades that i feel are needed as there are a few things the katana lacks in...... But anyway hello everyone!!!!

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    Welcome aboard.
    I find kats WAY more comfy than GSXRs. Really shitty about yours being stolen though.

    Whatcha planning for upgrades?
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      Welcome. My suggestion is to start with completely revamping the suspension.
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        Well i so plan on revamping the suspension but my firat upgrade i think is going to be the post kat wheels as i am already needing a rear tire anyway....... Honstetly i could use a lil advice as i plan on doing it pretty soon.... Mine has a 160 rear on it now and ive looked at the threads and on the page cyber poet did and found out thats why it doesnt handle great.... But when i do the swap do i keep the pre brake rotors or do i use the post?


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          Pre, the post caliper is under mounted.
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            Ok so i just get the post kat wheels and mount my brake rotors on them and bolt em up? Or is there any other hangups i could run into?


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              Originally posted by Jessehendrixp1 View Post
              Ok so i just get the post kat wheels and mount my brake rotors on them and bolt em up? Or is there any other hangups i could run into?
              98-02 front wheel, 98+ rear wheel. I'd suggest using the carrier from the post as well if you can. I'd also suggest you use the post spacer between swingarm and carrier. You will need to get rear wheel with a rotor or replace the rotor as post is 5 bolts, pre is 4 bolt. Every other aspect is just bolt up and go with what you have.

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                Awesome thanks that helps alot!!! If anyone knows anyone who is getting rid of said parts send them my way pm me or something otherwise i got my sights set on ebay looking for the right deal lol!!!