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Checking in from Alberta, Canada

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  • Checking in from Alberta, Canada

    Well i have finally purchased a new to me bike. it's a 2000 Katana 750 with 28,000 km on it. Since picking it up in mid-September, I have already put over 500 km on her. I am loving every minute of it. Looking forward to hearing about upgrades and good mods.

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    Welcome to katriders...
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      Now that that's out of the way:

      Suspension suspension suspension. With a side of suspension.

      Seriously, as much as you love it now, it will be a holy deep-fried petunias kinda thing when you ride it after a little work.
      A) change fork oil. Willing to bet it's never been done. Would you leave the same oil in the motor for 16 years? ~$20
      B) while you're changing fork oil, drop in some spring from Racetech that are matched to your weight. This is where thing start getting magical. ~$120
      C) racetech gold valve emulators add to the magic but are pricey. They are nice, but springs are night and day, emulators are like dawn and day. ~$170
      D) ditch the shock, pick up one from a 98+ kat 750. Then send it to either racetech or Norwest Suspension. Have them rebuild it. ~$100 for the rebuild, ~$75 depending on eBay skills for the shock. The 98+ 750 is the only rebuildable kat shock (norwest can do the kat 1100, but good luck finding one) while they have it, have them at the very least install a spring correct for your weight. ~$120. If you have the funds, also have it revalved. ~$170
      E) ride
      F) have big shit eating grin stuck on your face as you keep riding and riding and riding.

      Kats handle like poo out of the box. If you think it handles good now, that's cool. I thought mine did when I first got it. But I kept hearing about people on here doing the above suggested mods. A member who wrecked his bike put up a shock ( that had been worked over as described) (and happened to be my weight) for sale. Bought it, installed it, omg...amazing difference. Saved up, did the front end, amazing difference all over again even more pronounced than the shock. I've done a lot to my bike. Suspension is my #1 favorite.
      It makes the bike handles better, and in that better handling, I feel it makes the bike safer too.

      There's lots more mods. Look around, read old threads. Then upgrade your suspension.
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        Welcome to KatRiders

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          Thanks for the info, I will have lots of time on my hands to check out mods over the winter.


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            welcome aboard.
            I actually just registered as well. Logging in from Lloydminster, Alta.
            Picked up a '90 600F a couple months ago with 38k. Managed to put 500km before snowfall.