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  • Arkansas

    Well good morning to all. I recently acquired 2003 kat and am looking for bits of guidance working out the bugs.

    So my bike has been sitting for severa l years. I flused tank, changed oil, checked plugs. Upon starting the bike ran rough. Then carbs began overflowing. Took off carbs, cleaned thoroughly. Tried again, same issue. Is fuel selector faulty? Or is it still float sticking?
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    Could be either depending on where they're overflowing from. Disconnect the petcock and turn it to run and reserve - shouldn't flow fuel. If that's fine, check if floats are sealing by blowing on the (cleaned) fuel in line. If you can pass air easily, a float(s) are leaking - bad oring, debris clogging it open, height set wrong, float needle buggered etc. You can remove the carbs and hook them up to a temporary fuel source and see where the fuel leaks out to narrow down which carb(s) to focus on.

    Btw, welcome aboard!
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      The carbs are the only thing that prevent them from flooding. So if they are flooding, it's the carbs.

      Petcock is a secondary issue if one at all, and easily tested. Fixing the petcock would have 0 effect on resolving your carb flooding issue.

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