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  • Hello from NY

    Hey guys. New (again) kat owner. 2nd bike was a 600 pre kat and that was my favorite bike out of the ones I've owned. When I blew the little engine that could on my Cafe'd GZ250 commuter, I decided to get back on a Kat.
    Picked up a 92 Kat 750 with 6k miles for a song and it's getting the naked/street fighter treatment. Started tearing into it immediately and now all it needs is signals, brake light and I have to figure out gauges for it. Also have to figure out if I'm putting clip ons on it or fabricating drop down bars for the existing setup.
    I'm definitely open to ideas for the bars and gauges. The factory gauges won't fit behind the headlight I put on it with the gauge cover on it so I'll probably space out the windshield and figure out how to modify or make a surround. I'd rather keep stock gauges but don't have to.

    I've started doing charity rides recently if anyone is interested which is one of the reasons I joined the forum. I'm also here to soak up as much info as possible.

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    Welcome to KR


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      Welcome to KatRiders.

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